Can a house run 100% on solar?

With a modern solar energy system, including energy storage, you can definitely run an entire house completely on solar energy. Today's high-efficiency solar panels and solar batteries make it cheaper than ever to power an entire house exclusively with solar energy. For many homeowners, 100% coverage with solar energy is a reasonable goal. As long as your property is suitable for the size of the solar system you need, you should be able to fully offset your energy consumption with solar energy.

With electricity rates rising, it makes sense to consider how to run 100 percent with solar energy. A solar-powered home produces more energy than it consumes can eliminate the electricity bill altogether. However, a little solar goes a long way, so while a net-zero home may not be possible for everyone, lowering your solar energy bill can protect you from future rate hikes. This way, you can use 100% green energy in your home without the challenges of installing solar panels and at rates as affordable as regular Texas electric companies.

Chariot exists to offer 100% solar energy at competitive prices without the need for personal panels. While this estimate should not replace a professional evaluation, it can provide a useful rough idea to indicate the feasibility of installing solar panels in your home.

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